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DOJO BULLETIN (December 31, 2016):


First: Happy new year, happy holidays, happy whatever.

Second: Nine new songs are up. These:

Start with Me (sad dojo)
Off the Rails (jolly dojo)
Worn (sad dojo)
Inkwell (jolly dojo)
Threadbare (sad dojo)
Killer Junior (b-sides)
Tale of the Leavened Cake (instrumentals)
Leigh (instrumentals)
End with Me (sad dojo)

There are 20 songs in the Jolly Dojo, 20 songs in the Sad Dojo, 20 songs in the Angry Dojo, 25 songs in the Instrumental Dojo, and 25 songs available for free download here:

(There are also 70 b-sides and 7 cover songs available.)

Okay, that's all. Be safe. Etc. Very, very much,

The Dojo Master

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